An icon returns for a strong and fashionable team-up and collection release with VERO MODA. More specifically for the autumn campaign. And more specifically, Josephine Skriver. And there’s much to expect and be excited for. This is a collection that is not only lively and a pleasure to style for autumn — but one that taps into seasonality while adding to the person, you already are.



And it is all about Skriver. If you think the name sounds familiar — you are right. Not only is 30-year-old Skriver an icon within the world of modelling and fashion, but a well-known face within VERO MODA. The Danish darling has the whole world as her workplace and has been named a Scandi-style icon multiple times. And with more than 8.1 million followers on Instagram, we can without a doubt call her Denmark’s indisputable biggest model and influencer. Her impressive following on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, reflects her impact and popularity.

Now she returns for another stunning campaign and a next chapter with VERO MODA, bringing her unique style and fresh inspiration to our universe.

“VERO MODA was one of my first modelling jobs, back when I was 15 (yes, that is a very long time ago). So, I think it’s crazy and cool to be back more than a whole decade later – and with a whole different mindset. I used to worry over everything - today I would tell myself, don’t sweat it. Embrace the journey, enjoy the process, and stay true to who you are. It's about having fun and bringing your genuine self to every shoot. Working with VERO MODA now feels like coming full circle, but with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of purpose.” Says the model.

Beyond fashion shows, Skriver is also an ambassador for PlanBørneFonden, using her voice to actively shed light on women's rights and advocate for gender equality. Her return to VERO MODA is not only a celebration of a collection, but also a tribute to a role model and recognition of a strong figure.


The changing temperatures are becoming more than just a meteorological change; they are catalysts for reconsidering our perspective. To rethink the norm. Seasonality is how VERO MODA think and weave longevity, versatility and minimalism into our fashion.

And this is exactly what the new collection is all about. Seasonality and versatility. Featuring pieces, you can wear on repeat and wear with whatever you have in your closet – and beyond: Think wide men’s inspired pants, body-hugging dresses, pencil skirts, oversized shirts, fluffy feminine coats and bombers, power suits in corduroy and sets, utility-inspired jeans, midi and maxi dresses as well minis. Think better quality fabrics such as corduroy. Think feminine shapes and lengths, plus timeless basics. It’s all here!

Prepare for an autumn of signature styling and inspiring moments as Skriver takes us on the ultimate fashion journey. The colour palette stretches from warm nuances such as white, beige and brown — to vibrant tones as cobber, silver-grey and metallic blue.

In other words, these pieces are perfect companions for that in-between season. You know, when the weather is unpredictable, and your wardrobe needs to be adaptable. This collection takes you here, there and everywhere, regardless of occasion or temperature.

JOSEPHINE SKRIVER for VERO MODA will be available from 1st of August 2024 - in selected stores as well as online at