Felicia Wedin x VERO MODA - Second Drop

Beautiful statement pieces combined with a touch of bohemia. The popular digital artist, Felicia Wedin, returns for yet another strong design collaboration with VERO MODA – just in time for summertime and celebrations together. And it is safe to say that every piece lives up to the expectations. Read along as we take you behind the design collaboration and thoughts from the Swedish sweetheart.

A fresh perspective with Felicia

From her strong aesthetic sense and ultra-feminine expression to her bubbling personality. VERO MODA has previously – with great success - collaborated with Felicia because of the perfect match between the brand’s identity and Felicia’s talent and sense of style. Moreover, it is not only about collaboration but about bringing together two worlds that share common values despite being different.

With over 100.000 followers on Instagram, where Felicia showcases products and shares creative content as well as personal experiences, she has quickly established a strong name and presence in the fashion world. Felicia is all things Scandi chic and with her bold and feminine style, she inspires and motivates several every day. This is why we love her, and why we have re-invited the 23-year-old Content creator for yet another team-up, in which Felicia expresses her personality and impeccable Scandi-style.

“The collaboration(s) with VERO MODA has been a fantastic experience throughout the entire process, from start to finish. I’ve always felt a strong connection to the brand’s DNA. I love to create things that are relevant and exciting – and products that give the person who wears them, confidence. I’m really satisfied with the result.” - Felicia Wedin, Content creator.

Moreover, Felicia has designed many of the styles herself and has generally been a big part of the design process and decision-making.

In focus: Summer nights and moments

No matter the (fashion) occasion, Felicia Wedin’s second drop for VERO MODA offers you a well-polished and upgraded range of wardrobe essentials. Dive in and lose yourself in a collection filled with contemporary twists and ready-to-wear simplicity.

The result is a mix of nineteen-something pieces that includes elegant floor-length dresses, utility-looking sets, vibrant tops with a soft, boho-feel and feminine detailed jackets. Everything mirrors Felicia’s romantic and adventurous universe. The collection will be released just in time for the Swedish, Midsummer - a traditional celebration of the summer season - truly electrifying Felicia’s aesthetics and attitude.

“For this collection, I’ve been inspired by the sun. I wanted to catch that special summer vibe and feeling, we all get when the sun is shining, and the temperature rises. It’s a unique feeling of ease, simplicity and freedom. And it’s the unique feeling of summer I’ve transformed into cute, bohemian summer pieces. I hope everyone wearing them – female or male – feels unique and empowered.” Felicia ends.

Combined with VERO MODA’s expertise and strong design approach, these are pieces that are meant to stick around. Consider them as a perfect cocktail of everyday styling and evening dressing mixed with cool twists and thoughtful details. Plus, the colour palette stretches far – from beautiful pinks and luxurious champagne to navy, soft grey and whites – making the styles even easier to wear and combine as you want.

The limited-capsule collection will go live 1st of June 2023. For media enquiries, please contact: Ida Maria Jessen, PR & Influencer Responsible, ida.jessen@bestseller.com.