If there is ever a perfect time to feel excited about a new, fresh season – this is it. VERO MODA welcomes the season with a bright lineup of pieces that remind us of a new start. Think pre-spring, think lots of colours, think layering. This collection is about letting energy, individuality and fashion come together – with garments that inspire confidence. Ready, set, go. The runway is yours.


Runway this way. Mind your steps. Smile. Walk with power and confidence. Most importantly, have fun. And action! What you just read are all one-liners from the backstage of VERO MODA’s runway show. Because this spring, the campaign is inspired by the pulsating energy and dynamics behind a runway show. The intention is to take the same energy that a runway show radiates and pass it on to the customers. To allow channelling the same energy of the runway and make it your own.

“For this campaign, we were inspired by everything that goes on behind – and on the set of a runway show. Leaving nothing out, SS3 captures the essence of everything runway: the anticipation, the fun, the dynamics. — it’s an exciting introduction to a new season, welcoming the refreshing vibes of spring.” Says, Astrid Stubkier, Brand Identity Responsible.

In the well-known VERO MODA attitude, this collection reveals all the smart buys that take us from winter to spring, in no time. Welcome to the runway to spring!


A vibrant colour palette. A fresh new silhouette. Crisp new cuts. A revival of prints. Spring is slowly sneaking in on us, and with it comes a new vibrant season of fashion trends. Marking the entrance to a new season, VERO MODA’s new collection presents a lineup full of creativity, life and self-expressiveness — a true embodiment of VERO MODA’s energy.

“When talking about fabrics, we are talking: soft denim, crafty crochet, airy linen and effortless cotton. When talking about colours, we are talking: baby blues, soft yellow, green, and the muted ones such as beige, stone and brown. We are talking mini, midi and long lengths. Cropped and oversized silhouettes. It’s all here.” Says Brand Identity Responsible, Astrid Stubkier.

The collection features relaxed suiting, preppy cardigans, crochet pieces, chic mini, midi and maxi dresses, cute boho-inspired tops, cool wide pants and jeans, and the list goes on! This is nothing less than a perfect mix of versatile pieces for the customers to play with - each presented in elevated fabrics - with an accessible price point.

Head to to see the full spring collection that launches online on 29th of February 2024 and in stores on the 14th of March. For media enquiries, please contact: Ida Maria Jessen, PR & Influencer responsible, VERO MODA,