Designed to take you seamlessly from late summer to autumn, VERO MODA presents Ready-To-Wear: a transeasonal collection-campaign created around the characteristics of a seasonless wardrobe. Timeless design. Different fabrics. Excellent fit. Multiple style options. These are the key elements that make up for VERO MODA’s collection of elevated wardrobe essentials.


In other words, Ready-To-Wear is the perfect solution for that in-between season – you know, when the weather is unpredictable, and your wardrobe needs to be adaptable. The new collection features a range of curated pieces that are perfect for these months. Whether you're heading to the office or out for dinner with friends. Ready-To-Wear takes you here, there and everywhere– when the calendar year changes.

“Transeasonal dressing is all about having a wardrobe that gets you ready regardless of what the weather brings. It's about versatility, practicality and style - all mixed up in one. We fell in love with the title ‘Ready-To-Wear’ as it communicates the essence of the campaign, flawlessly. What the customers are looking for is fashion that also has longevity, so we’ve paid attention to expressions that aren’t bound to any season or trend. They are all favourites, at the same time, all year round.”

  • Nanna Toldbod Isaksen, Brand Identity Responsible, says.

But it is not just about clothing. Ready-To-Wear also celebrates feeling good in your skin - with pieces that flatter everyone and every style. Without compromising on authenticity, VERO MODA puts great work and pride in knowing what their community wants – and delivering it. This manifests itself in the customer-centric approach the brand takes - recognizing that the communities are made up of different individuals and perspectives.


One general theme is accessibility. Under the concept easy-to-identify, easy-to-wear – and with focus on quality materials and timeless design, the AW1 collection balances an always-relevant lineup of looks, ready to be worn by anyone without the need for much gesticulation.

From classic neutrals to bold prints and colours. From must-haves like tailored sets, t-shirts and tops - to dresses and skirts, light knits, blazers and jeans. Think classic but with small twists. Think effortless but eye-catching details. Think curated but accessible. Think suitable and versatile.

Welcome to a collection that is all about injecting key looks into your wardrobe – regardless of the season, occasion or temperature.

Ready-To-Wear will be available online from July 4th and in stores worldwide from July 13th, 2023. For media enquiries, please contact: Ida Maria Jessen, PR & Influencer Responsible,