Embodying her effortless sense of style, VERO MODA teams up with model, top-influencer and friend of the brand, Mathilde Gøhler for an exciting first drop design-collab. Available on the 9th March, the collection consists of chic urban essentials for your everyday wardrobe, that you can wear again and again.

“Take your career seriously and don’t be afraid to get rejected. This is an important message I always remind myself of, and others. Building a business is hard work and can be exhausting – but just keep pushing. I want to pass this positive message on to my daughters and everyone out there that is dreaming of and want to pursue building their own business.” - Mathilde Gøhler.

With a strong focus on cool basics, elevated essentials and trendy statement pieces, together with Mathilde, VERO MODA has created a collection that both characterises the effortless Scandi-cool style the model, has (and that is extremely popular right now) plus her ability to mix quality, style and personality. Over the years, Mathilde Gøhler has managed to cement herself as an influential fashion icon – with more than 1.3 million people following her on Instagram.

”Growing up in Hjørring, a small town in Nordjylland, the only nice fashion store we had was VERO MODA – so I (naturally) did a lot of my shopping there. This also means that I have followed the brand for really, really long time. I especially know VERO MODA for its nice, good quality basics, jeans and wardrobe essentials – these are styles and moods that I can identify with, and that match my style so well.” Mathilde Gøhler, explains.

The Danish content creator is known for her effortlessly cool style, her aesthetics and her ability to notice high fashion in almost everything. But also – and maybe mostly – the effect she has on her followers and others. From balancing model-life and her business to motherhood – these are among the reasons why VERO MODA invited Mathilde Gøhler for a strong collaboration. One can say, she has become an ambassador for young women wanting to create their own career paths.

Go-to pieces that make up the perfect fundament

From a pair of classic denim jeans and oversized shirts - to loose suit pants, an oversized blazer and tank tops. Mathilde’s list of hero-pieces combines both easy-to-wear and easy-to-style looks. For summer, the influencer prefers loose and tight-fitting dresses in delicious qualities and maxi skirts, which can be styled in multiple ways. Taking inspiration from her passion for mixing up different style directions, the 30-year-old influencer has designed a collection that is not only versatile but a collection that also radiates confidence.

And the colour palette revolves around balanced, natural and calm shades. All nuances, that are matched up with - and based on Mathilde’s own wardrobe and the Scandinavian style concept (to keep it simple) that is trending right now.

“Good fashion taste for me? Is when you feel comfortable in what you wear and how you look. And to keep it simple. I absolutely love basics. If you ask me, they are essentials that can save any look – any day. For the colour palette, I always fall for easy, earthy shades that go well with any Scandinavian wardrobe.” The influencer, says.

The collection and the thoughts behind it

Quality and delicate materials are two key factors according to Mathilde. And more specifically the right qualities, shapes and fit. She pays close attention to small details on her items, which often is the reason she falls in love with the product.

This collection’s colour palette revolves around balanced, natural and calm shades. All nuances are matched up with - and based on Mathilde’s own wardrobe and the Scandinavian style concept (to keep it simple) that is trending right now.

It has been important for Mathilde to, first and foremost, create designs that she could imagine herself wearing and designs that can be used repeatedly, and for various occasions. The collection includes everyday items such as: the perfect white shirt, a pair of classic jeans and a striped blouse, occasion dresses and showpieces.

The collection is brought to life by photo talents Rasmus Weng and Jonas Lindhardt and will be available on 9th March at and in selected stores across Europe.

For further information, please contact: Ida Marie Jessen, PR & Influencer Responsible,