Redefined simplicity welcomes pre-autumn in VERO MODA’s new AW2 campaign, Back To Reality. Are you ready to dive back into everyday routines after a carefree and relaxed summer? Ease into changing days with the beautiful new collection.


However your mood is towards returning to the rush and routines of everyday life, there is one thing you shouldn’t worry about. Like a breath of fresh air, VERO MODA’s new AW2 collection is here to help you return to reality, effortlessly in style and confidence.

Pre-autumn is on the agenda for the new collection - characterised by change and transformation with highly versatile pieces, that invites you to dress for the exciting season. That tricky and unpredictable in-between-season, where you never know what the day or weather brings. Welcome to an inspirational style edit that forms the perfect foundation for an ideal ‘back-to-reality-wardrobe’. We are talking office wear, occasion looks, the latest trends, updated colours and prints, new fits and playful cuts.

“Back to Reality celebrates an essential aspect of the season and serves as a kind reminder of that everyday life is calling. It’s an energy boost and a celebration of a new way of doing things. A new way of dressing. But more than just clothes, our campaign is about finding a sense of balance and happiness in the midst of change.” Says Thilde Mynte Skovgård, International Brand Identity Manager.


Diverse expressions, ideas and inspiration. VERO MODA understands the anticipation that comes with transitioning from a slow, relaxed summer to a more dynamic and active everyday. And the coming collection not only offers a seamless blend of wearability, style and versatility but also emphasizes the importance of easy personal styling.

The looks are smart, effortless and functional: combining sleek tailoring and statement outerwear with dreamy denim and stunning knitwear. Each piece is designed to cater to different occasions and unpredictable days - allowing everyone to express their unique sense of style, in their own distinctive way. Everyday life is here!

From trustful essentials such as jeans, shirts and dresses to iconic pieces such as the underestimated vest and irreplaceable trench coat: They all present the opportunities for transformation.

Head to to enjoy the campaign. Media enquiries, please contact: Ida Maria Jessen PR & Influencer Responsible, VERO MODA.