VERO MODA heads to a secret garden to welcome the coming of summer in new soft shades, lighter materials and revived cuts. It’s clear, that a new season has begun – ready to fill us will optimism and joy. Welcome to the garden party!

A special nod to nature

Make room in your wardrobe – VERO MODA is bringing a bouquet of summer-loving, on-trend looks that won’t let you down. And the changing light brings each piece to life.

The silhouettes are flowing and feminine, the colours match a spring garden in full bloom, and the fabrics - consisting of linen, lace, satin and denim, add delicacy and effortlessness. Flower prints, dots and stripes, dreamy ruffles, statement balloon sleeves and fitted shapes, are the star details that add character. Key among them, are pieces for spring nights and parties.

“Garden party is a celebration of moments together and a homage to nature’s wild beauty and diversity. The changing light. The warmer atmosphere. The way everything is in bloom. We are always inspired by nature and its artistic way of adjusting. We use the changing light as our collage, and the blooming garden in the print on the dresses. With this collection, we want to show how the blooming garden can be transferred into glamorous pieces.” Thilde Mynte Skovgård, International Brand Identity Manager, explains.

Think immersive details. Timeless touch. Romantic yet city-ready. Bright. Inviting. Full of life. The collection is a nod to the beauty of nature and inspires confidence and how to channel an individual expression by playing with different fabrics and choosing pieces that suit your personal spring journey. The collection presents a range of charming dresses, shirts, flowing trousers and tops, denim, blazers and relaxed tailoring.

Serenity and spring moments together

From the vibrant colours to the sweet summer scent in the air. From longer days and gratefulness for sun-soaked skin to moments spent together. The coming change of season brings different occasions to celebrate, an energetic atmosphere and reasons to dress up. Colourful, and with serenity.

And with Tenerife – known for its mystique, beautiful light and wild landscapes - as the destination, a beautiful botanical backdrop sets the scene and invites us to delve into the wild beauty of nature and the freedom it represents.

"What I love the most, is how the changing light encapsulates a unique spirit of spring. The coming collection also tells a story that carries VERO MODA’s special signature - being encouraging, inspirational and including.” Nanna Toldbod Isaksen, Brand Identity Responsible, ends.

The collection will be available online from April 11th and in stores worldwide from April 27th, 2023.

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