VERO MODA is excited to announce a new team-up and collaboration with international top model and popular influencer, Josephine Skriver, for our upcoming denim campaign. Launching Tuesday, August 20th, this campaign is not only bold and beautiful – but one for the history books.

Let’s walk you through!


There are models, there are influencers, and then there is Josephine Skriver. International top model, Influencer, and Ambassador for PlanBørnefonden (Plan Children's Fund). Josephine needs no introduction – but we'll do it anyway.

The Danish darling has the whole world as her workplace and has been named a Scandi-style icon multiple times. And with more than 8.1 million followers on Instagram, we can without a doubt call her Denmark’s indisputable biggest model and influencer.

Beyond fashion shows, 30-year-old Josephine inspires women to find their own confidence and voice. By using her long and inspiring career as a tool for advocacy, she inspires women to embrace their individuality. Through this campaign, we want to empower all the VERO MODA women to express their strength and sensuality - just like Josephine.

Having Josephine teaming up with VERO MODA, is not only a celebration of a collection, but also a tribute to a role model and recognition of a strong figure. And now, she is joining VERO MODA DENIM for a first-time-ever stunning denim campaign - bringing her unique style and fresh inspiration to the set.

“I think jeans – and especially a straight fit - is a must-have in any wardrobe. Female, male. Boys or girls. Old or young. Whomever. Anyone can wear jeans and look good and strong in them. And I have to admit – my ultimate go-to styling is a pair of denim jeans and a white T-shirt. You can never go wrong with that.”

  • Josephine Skriver.


Let’s talk seasonality! The changing temperatures are becoming more than just a meteorological change; they are catalysts for reconsidering our perspective. To rethink the norm. Seasonality is how VERO MODA think and weave longevity, versatility and minimalism into our fashion.

Consumers' desire for adaptable and more timeless garments is influencing the market trends more and more. With their characteristic versatility (and durability), jeans are a clear example of a year-round staple. It’s about building up a solid wardrobe that works for you. It’s about quality pieces that stand the test of time. And it’s about discovering the power of designing and producing with a purpose. The denim fabric speaks directly into all this.


The category is denim. The identity is new. The muse is Josephine Skriver. But it’s still all about the fit. No codes. No secrets. No nonsense. Just the fit.

Strengthening an already wide range, VERO MODA DENIM cements their position as denimand jeans-makers by returning to their roots. Characterised by a feminine yet edgy design, the new season is carried forth by a true love for denim and authenticity. From new added styles and shapes - to the right fit and wash. Everything is connected.

Think fresh new washes, exciting silhouettes, new twists and oversized looks. Think wide, straight and loose. Think flared, mom fit and skinny. High-waisted and low. With or without stretch. Think several lines such as Girl, Tall, Petite and Curvy. It’s all there.

This collection is a nod to the past while keeping an eye on the future. And VERO MODA DENIM means everyone, and every need — when they say everyone deserves The Real Denim Experience.

Head to veromoda.com to see the full collection.