• LEATHER BELT, Black Coffee, large
  • LEATHER BELT, Black Coffee, large
  • LEATHER BELT, Black Coffee, large
  • LEATHER BELT, Black Coffee, large


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Svart / Black Coffee

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Vero Moda

  • 100% Leather - Cow
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About Vero moda

Since 1987, VERO MODA has been present in the mind of young women looking for new trends, accessible styles and fashionable must-have items. We were one of the first brands to launch within what later became the BESTSELLER family. Today we are a part of a global and successful family business with stores and employees all around the world. Fast-fashion is our metier. A vibrant and accessible approach to fashion is our trademark. And being together in style is our brand essence. We navigate in an ever-changing fashion world, but we never lose sight of our values. Fashion is something we do together, and in a world of me, VERO MODA celebrates the us.